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10 Aesthetically Pleasing Color Combinations for Your Bedroom

A bedroom that reflects your personal aesthetic is #goals, but the journey to achieving a cohesive look can be daunting if you don’t have inspiration. After all, it’s hard to know where to begin when selecting bedroom color combinations that resonate with you while also looking good together.

Fortunately, inspiration is everywhere. You can pull the best color combinations from nature, your favorite patterned blouse, or the hex color wheel which is a great way to find aesthetically pleasing color schemes. I’ll help you avoid decorating your bedroom with THE WORST color combinations. —been there done that! I know you don’t have time, money or energy to waste.

To move you in the right direction and give you visual inspiration I’ve identified colors that go together in the bedroom. Let’s get started!

Color blocks that reflect sun-kissed yellows and dainty pinks.
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1. Sun-Kissed Yellows and Dainty Pinks

Bring the sunshine indoors with this soft color palette. It’s perfect for the women who thrive on authentic energy. Yellow provides a sense of clarity and can inspire you on uninspiring days.

Touches of cadet blue and pinkish red will inspire tranquility and growth as you lounge in a sun-kissed bedroom.

Color blocks and bedroom decor that reflects warm and cool colors.
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2. Striking A Fine Balance—Warm vs. Cool

Using warm and cool color combinations brings balance to your bedroom. As the name implies, warm colors bring a warm and cozy feel to space, while cool colors are often associated with tranquility.

Just be careful here as warm and cool colors oppose one another on the color wheel. Be sure to evenly mix your grays and oranges for the best result.

Color blocks and bedroom decor that reflects charming blues and pinks.
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3. Charming Blues with a Hint of Blush

This bedroom combines a deep navy blue (FYI blue is known to represent confidence and stability) pink tones and dark forest green for a sophisticated look. Splashes of pink are a charming touch that harmonizes your space.

Color blocks and bedroom decor that reflects an earthy and inviting color scheme.
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4. Earthy and Inviting

Earthy tones can bring a rich and vibrant look to your space. This bedroom combines warm browns and tans for an inviting aesthetic and the indoor plants add a sense of freshness.

Color blocks and bedroom decor that reflects a dark and sultry color scheme.
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5. Dark and Sultry

Not your traditional color match, but this color combination of grays and pinks creates a sensuous, yet tasteful look. The dark gray enhances the blush colors and the nude tones help to even out the darker hues.

Color blocks and bedroom decor that reflects a white and blue color scheme.
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6. Fresh Whites with Soothing Blue

Blue and white is a soothing color combination for the bedroom.  The color blue is known to be a healing color. Infusing creams, ivories, and touches of yellow creates a relaxing vibe.

Info-graphic with color blocks that reflect an eclectic and bright color scheme.
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7. Eclectic and Bright

The turquoise and pinkish tones in this look certainly bring feminine energy to the bedroom. The gold accents add a touch of elegance and enhance this eclectic color combination.

Color blocks and bedroom decor that reflects a blue and green bedroom aesthetic.
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8. Dark Blue with Hints of Green

Blue’s soothing vibes make it an ideal and popular choice for the bedroom. The color combination of deep blue with neutral whites and grays in this bedroom gives a clean crisp feel. The green in the artwork brings a bit of nature indoors.

Color blocks and bedroom decor that reflects the colors peach and cream.
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9. Peaches and Cream

The pink and red hues mixed with the cream tones spark energy and romance in your bedroom. The trick to making this color combination work is to use lighter colors in eighty percent of the room and only add a few darker accent shades.

Color blocks and bedroom decor that reflects a neutral color scheme.
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10. Neutral and Natural Inspiration

Neutrals are always a great choice for those who prefer a minimalist style. With this color combination, neutral shades create a soft, calming feel, highlighted by the deep, dark green of the walls and houseplant. Prefer to keep things simple, replace the green with another neutral—it’s your choice.

Your turn. 😀 Leave a comment below and let us know what color combination you are considering!

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