Bedroom with blush bedding.

4 Bedroom Décor Styles That Will Transform Your Space from Blah to Aahhh

Inviting personal style into the bedroom is the way we like to do things around here. It’s freeing to come home and kick up your feet in a space that genuinely speaks to you. Wouldn’t you agree?—Yasss! Looking to create a space that highlights your personal style? Then this blog post is for you.

Here are four unique bedroom décor ideas by some of our favorite Instagrammers. Follow along to see how they used their Cstudio Home bedding to set the foundation for their bedroom aesthetic. Be sure to click on each picture to see their full bedroom style.

Contemporary Bedroom Décor Style

Contemporary bedroom

@audreymadstowe, Instagram

Rustic Industrial Bedroom Décor Style

Rustic industrial bedroom.

@girlandtheword, Instagram

Bohemian Bedroom Décor Style

Bohemian bedroom.

@kc_doubletake, Instagram


Minimalist Bedroom Décor Style

Minimalist bedroom.

Instagram @withlovesummer


Interested in shopping for any of these looks? Click the links below.


Rustic Industrial



For more bedroom décor inspiration head over to our Instagram page.

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