5 Productive Things to Do While Washing Your Sheets

It’s not a topic we typically discuss—but we all know that our sheets should be getting in the wash more often than they are. Believe it or not, a lot of germs can get trapped in them if you’re not washing them at least every two weeks. For all the nitty-gritty details on exactly what happens and how to properly wash your sheets, check out our blog post here.

Let’s admit it–most of us don’t get around to washing our sheets because we’re too lazy, or claim that we don’t have time. Well, enough with the excuses! Read on for a list of things you can get done while your sheets are in the wash.

Catch up on work or homework


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The 20 minutes of the wash cycle and the hour it takes to dry is the perfect time to set your mind in gear and tackle the work that has been sitting on your desk! Or even better—get ahead.


Meal prep

Perfect time to dedicate time in the kitchen bettering your diet. Meal prepping will help you save time, money, and is healthier than eating out.


Catch up on your favorite show

We all want an excuse to binge-watch TV, and this may be it. You can’t get off the couch until the sheets are done drying, and that’s not your fault!


Clean the house

Since you’re already washing the sheets, might as well make it as productive as can be and tidy up around the house while you wait for the wash!


Go for a run

Can’t do laundry in your house or apartment building? Go to the laundromat in your gym clothes and take a few laps while the cycle is running.

No matter what you do during the hour and a half, your sheets are washing, it doesn’t have to be a waste of time. It can actually force you to do things you have been putting off for a while, and help you be more productive overall!



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