Cooling Down with a Summer Cocktail

Summer is heating up and we know what everybody needs to cool down: a refreshing cocktail. With all the upcoming barbeques, get togethers, and summer holidays, having a few unique (yet easy!) cocktail recipes up your sleeve is key.

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A cocktail for the tea fans: Sweet Tea Sangria

Sure to be a crowd favorite, this summer cocktail can easily be made in bulk for any gathering you’re hosting or attending. Head over to for the full scoop (or should we say pour?).

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A cocktail for the fruit lovers: Chipotle Grapefruit Margarita

You read it right: a chipotle AND grapefruit flavored cocktail. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they take a sip of this sweet and tangy creation. Get those creative juices flowing (literally) and head over to Well Planted for the full recipe.

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A cocktail for the lazy host: The Cuba Libre

Running late on time, or even worse—ingredients? Have no fear, The Cuba Libre is here to save the day. It’s just the classic rum and coke cocktail, with a twist! Just add lime juice. For specific measuring, head to

(Photo credit: Creative Culinary)

A cocktail for a serious refresh: The Firecracker

Creative Culinary has a seriously unique recipe on her blog. The Firecracker combines watermelon, lime, and cucumber for a fruity and refreshingly cool cocktail—with a kick. Sounds complicated, but only takes six minutes to whip up!

(Photo credit: Play. Party. Plan.)

A cocktail for the non-drinker: the Citrus Strawberry Mocktail

Not everyone is an alcohol fan, so it’s always a good idea to have options for guests who want to enjoy a refreshing drink, without any buzzing effects. Play Party Plan has a great citrus strawberry mocktail recipe that is sure to give the illusion of enjoying an alcoholic beverage.

Have a favorite cocktail recipe you don’t see on this list? Comment below! We’d love to hear what you are drinking this summer. Cheers everyone!



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