A desert inspired living room.

A Desert-Inspired Living Room Transformation

Nothing promotes coziness and comfort quite like desert-inspired bohemian design. That’s exactly the kind of aesthetic we’ll be incorporating in our living room transformation.

Think: Joshua Tree mixed with Moroccan desert with a subtle hint of minimalism.

We’ll take you through the simple process of transforming your living space into your very own desert-inspired sanctuary. All you need are a few key pieces:

  • Comfortable, neutral-colored seating
  • Moroccan print pillows
  • Textured wallpaper
  • Neutral rug
  • …And of course, cacti!

Choose Organic Shapes and Colors

The key is to decorate with offbeat, oblique shapes and natural materials—all while sticking with a neutral palette.

Here we incorporated some unique rattan pieces, natural earthenware, and a healthy variety of wooden accents.

Create Texture with Wallpaper

People often think of the floor as the foundation of their decor, but don’t forget about the walls!

Take advantage of the largest canvas you have and use it to add texture to your space without overwhelming other accents.

The specific wallpaper in this design is called Cuzco. Similar designs like the Straw or Stone colored geometric wallpaper from Cstudio Home would work for this desert-inspired space as well. 

Loving room transformation full of throw pillows.
Metallic wall texture.

Decorate with Moroccan Prints

Finish off your desert-inspired bohemian look with some major Moroccan vibes. Here we feature the Ludlow Embroidered Pillow Covers in Neutral,  Floral Whistler Decorative Pillow Cover and Geo Whistler Decorative Pillow Cover.

These gorgeous Moroccan prints tie the space together by adding complementing textures and colors to the neutral palette.

Moroccan inspired throw pillows on living room floor.
Moroccan inspired throw pillows on living room floor.

With a space this relaxing, it’ll be difficult not to plop on one of the pillows for a midday siesta!

The taupe hues and chocolate undertones bring a sense of calmness that’s characteristic of this style. Perhaps the best aspect of the desert-inspired design is that it promotes comfort and peacefulness above all, but does not sacrifice sensible aesthetics to get there. Instead, it artfully displays pieces that spark joy without overwhelming the overall calmness of the sanctuary.

Achieving life balance in this tasteful environment, as you can imagine, is easier than ever.

Dessert inspired living room transformation revel.

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