Life Hack: Making the Most of a Small Space

Moving out on your own is an exciting new chapter in your life, however, budget may force you to settle for a space smaller than you’d like—especially if you’re in a big city! Have no fear—just because you live in a small space, doesn’t mean it has to feel that way. Try these interior design tricks to create the illusion of more space.

a room with a bed and cstudio home bedding


(Pictured: Distressed Cotton Blanket, Organic Percale Duvet Cover Set, and Stone-washed Pillow Covers available at Cstudio Home).

Color Scheme

The colors you choose for your home can impact how crowded or spacious the space feels. HGTV suggests picking a neutral color pallet to create unity, and then playing with different shades within that color family. For example, if you paint your ceilings a slightly lighter color than the trim, it will make them seem higher, resulting in (what feels like) more space!

bedroom decor with cstudio home bedding


(Pictured: Emmie Duvet Cover and Woven Shag Pillow Cover available at Cstudio Home)


This one’s a no brainer: less stuff, more space! Get clever with your storage—kill two birds with one stone and invest in multifunctional furniture and get crafty with decorative storage boxes. Installing shelving? Consider installing your shelves high up to the ceiling—this takes your eyes up and makes your small space seem pretty roomy.

(Pictured: Distressed Cotton Blanket and decorative pillows available at Cstudio Home).


Though you may think the opposite, choosing big furniture is actually the route to go to make your small space seem large. Not just your furniture, but decorative accents as well; BuzzFeed shares Target style expert Sabrina Soto’s helpful tip called “the cantaloupe rule.” Any accents smaller than a cantaloupe crowd a room.

(Pictured: On Point Percale Sheet Set available at Cstudio Home).

Embrace Natural Light

Leave your windows uncovered or use sheer window curtains to invite in the light. Once you’ve got that light, add oversized mirrors to reflect it! A light and bright space always feels more spacious.

Is your small space making you claustrophobic? Try incorporating some of these décor hacks into your design and watch your home open up. Happy decorating!



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