Room with pink, white, and grey bedding.

Stay in Bed Longer with These Fall Bedding Ideas

Tamara,  @tlee79 on Instagram, shares her fall bedding inspirations.

Fall is here! Time to break out the sweaters and scarves and indulge in as many pumpkin spice lattes as you can. To welcome the season, I love adding new textures and layers all around the house, especially the bedroom. Today I’ll be sharing three-layered bedding looks I pulled together with the help of Cstudio Home to show you how to switch up your bedding décor for the fall season. First tip—to accomplish an extra cozy look, size up on your duvets, comforters, and throw blankets this fall. Side note: all of these looks feature a full-size bed with queen-size bedding.

Fall Bedding Look #1

Room with full sized bed.


Room with bed.


When picking out bedding for fall I think of two things: texture and color. Cstudio Home offers a variety of duvets and comforters to choose from—everything from fun patterns, to stripes, to simple solids—something for everyone. I personally like to keep my palette simple, using less pattern and more texture with pops of color. For my first fall look, I focused on texture and layered on the blankets to prepare for the cooler weather.

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I started with fresh white sheets, layered with a great textured blanket. Cstudio Home’s distressed gray blanket was the perfect choice.  I used the thermal Avenue duvet cover in blush to add a pop of color, topping it with the Gossamer cotton blanket in white, by Cstudio Home’s parent brand The Company Store®, for warmth and to soften the look.

Pillows legit make or break your bed, don’t you think? Since I don’t have a headboard, I used two-euro shams as a base, adding in our white standard sleeping pillows, topped with matching blush shams to pull it together.

Fall Bedding Look #2


Bedroom with grey and white bedding.



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Bed with throw pillows and standard size pillows.


This handsome gray-toned number offers the perfect staple pieces to help you start building a bedding collection you can use for years to come.  I stuck with neutral tones for this look, adding in texture with the Woven Striped and Stone-washed pillow covers.  With this neutral bedding, you can easily add a pop of your color to change up your décor for each season.

Fall Bedding Look #3

Bedroom with grey, white and blue bedding


Bedroom with great, white and, light blue bedding.


A soft cool color is so calming in a bedroom.  For the third look, I mixed blue with gray, black, and white.  Added textures like pottery and wood, make the room a welcome retreat on a cool fall evening. Add a cup of tea and you’ll never want to leave. I used different sheets for this look, but otherwise, it’s the same bedding as look number two. By simply changing out the sheets and pillows I gave the room an entirely new look.


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A trick to being able to do different looks is reusing what you have. Did you notice how the Gossamer and Distressed Cotton blankets were utilized in all three looks? If you have a solid color for your sheets, you’ll be able to get more versatility with your added layers.

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