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10 Minimalist Decor Ideas for Your Bedroom

There’s nothing more peaceful than walking into a calm, clear space for a good night of rest. Minimalist decor emphasizes paring down to the basics. It’s a design approach that can make a big impact by paring down.

I’ve spent countless hours arranging, rearranging, and decluttering our home, trying to achieve the perfect minimalist aesthetic in our space. While it may seem easy to simply pare down your belongings and live in a blank room, I’ve found there are several tips and tricks that can make a minimalist space seem more styled and intentional rather than sterile and uninviting.

Here are ten useful minimalist decor ideas to help you master the look in your own bedroom!

A bed in front of a sunny window dressed in white and tan bedding.

1. Start with the Essentials

Declutter and edit your space. Get back to the basics with your furniture and accessories. I tend to avoid using throw pillows on our bed and stick to only one bedside table to keep things simple and tidy. 

White fluffy pillows on side view of bed.

2. Clear Your Surfaces

Keep your bedside tables, dresser, and any other surface are a clear of clutter.

A white dresser and basket.
A basket with shoes and books for storage inside.

3. Use Smart Storage  

Hide your must-have bedroom items in smart storage like baskets or boxes to create a streamlined look and keep you organized. Hiding non-decorative items is key when trying to achieve the minimalist decor style. Stash glasses,lotion, essential oils, or any other small items in a basket on your nightstand for easy access.

Neutral bedding on king sized bed.

4. Stick to a Neutral Base

Nothing screams minimalism like a clean, white space. Stick to neutrals for your larger furniture and keep bedding simple. All you need is a white duvet cover and a throw at the end of your bed to keep things minimal,yet cozy.

A textured throw pillow and throw blanket.

5. Add Punches of Texture and Color

Layer texture and color over your neutral base—try a colorful throw blanket, an interesting furniture piece, a textured pillow, or even artwork.

two house plants on a dresser.

6. Bring Nature Indoors

No space is complete (even a minimal one) without a plant or bouquet of flowers to warm up the space and bring a touch of the outdoors into the room. 

A full body mirror alone in the corner of an all white room.

7. Embrace White Space

Don’t be afraid to let corners of your room stay bare. White space in a room can draw the eye to specific areas and allow a pared-down collection of furniture and accessories shine. Blank walls and floors open up a space and help things to look less cluttered. 

Close up of all white and tan bedding.

8. Choose Quality Over Quantity

In minimalist decor, less is more. Each piece you choose plays a huge role in the overall look of the room.

Never underestimate the power of investing in pieces that will stand the test of time and create a bold statement. You’ll find your style is more defined and the space highlights your favorite items when there is less around to distract from them. 

Full view of a clean bedroom with minimal decor

9. Accessorize Carefully

Accessories should be beautiful and functional. Think of the items you use every day as an opportunity to express your style: alarm clock, lamp,bed frame, dressing mirror.

All can be used to create bold statements. Eliminate items that are just simply decoration and instead layer functional pieces throughout the room. 

10. Remember, Less Is More

Always remember that less is more when it comes to minimalism. Edit ruthlessly and often to create a cohesive space.

When it comes to designing a bedroom with minimalist decor, remember to go back to the basics. Eliminate all excess items, then accessorize with carefully selected, quality objects that are both beautiful and have a purpose.

When uncertain, eliminate an item from your bedroom to enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free space!

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