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Bathroom Basics: Furnishing Your First Pad

There’s a mental to-do list that grows when deciding on how to fill the rooms in your new apartment. What rooms will you decorate first? What are the basics?

Stocking up and decorating your bathroom with the basics is an easy and quick task! It requires less money, decor accents, and time. I literally cleaned and jazzed up my bathroom in less than an hour. Scroll down to view the before and after of my newly decorated bathroom!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started. 

The Bathroom Basics 

  1. Shower curtain and liner – Like bedding, a shower curtain can be the foundation of your decor. Choose light colors to make your space feel bigger. A shower curtain liner is essential to help keep water inside the tub and off the bathroom floor. 
  2. Bathmat – Stepping out of a relaxing shower and onto a cold floor with wet feet can be a serious buzz kill. Get a durable, comfy bath mat. 
  3. Trash can and/or hamper – Keep a trash can and hamper easily accessible and keep your bathroom clean and free of clutter – plus they can add to your decor. If your bathroom is on the small side, don’t add the hamper. It might make it too cluttered.
  4. Bath accessories – A cute toothbrush holder and soap dish add both fashion and function to your space.
  5. Bath and hand towels – I like to keep two sets of bath and hand towels handy for when guests sleepover. I also swap out my bath towel at least once a week for a clean one. Can you imagine the germ build up!
  6. Cleaning supplies – Go green. You’ll keep your apartment both clean and safe from harmful chemicals.  I also like to keep bacterial wipes in my bathroom for quick clean ups and a plunger for annoying clogs.
  7. Wall or door hooks – Add a couple of hooks on the bathroom walls for added storage space. Here’s a chance to get creative and bring your personality into the space! Choose a chic or simple hook. (Scroll down to see the fun door hook that I used.)
  8. Simple decor accents – I love affirmations and plants, so I tend to use them all around my home, but especially in my bathroom. It’s the only place besides my bedroom where I dive into the depth of my thoughts. Decide on your decor accent and go for it! 
  9. Air freshener –Keep it cute. Leave an air freshener or candle in your bathroom for those special occasions. My favorite fragrance to use in my bathroom is lemongrass. It has a quick impact and prevents lingering odors.

Happy decorating!

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