How To Layer a Bed and Make it Instagram Worthy

Meet Tamara—an Instagram home décor influencer who knows how to layer a bed the picture perfect way and transform blah spaces into cozy zones. Since her daughter is heading off to college next year, Tamara wanted to create a more grown-up bedroom space that her daughter can eventually take with her to college while still feeling the comforts of home.

Read along to see how a well-made layered bed can exist as the foundation of your room décor. If you don’t believe us, scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what Tamara’s daughter’s room looked like before her bedroom revel.


Layer a Bed: Here Are 5 Must-Have Items 

Cstudio Home layered bed info-graphic.


Bringing Your Layered Bed Look Together

College inspired bedroom.

Instagram @tlee79

Start with a sheet set and add a textured blanket.

College inspired bedding decor.

Instagram @tlee79

Next, add your duvet cover. Go up a size or two in your bedding selections to create the perfect layered bed look.

College inspired bedding decor

Instagram @tlee79

Then lay your oversized quilt just below your duvet. Pictured above is a Full-size bed with a King-sized quilt.

College inspired pillow covers.

Instagram @tlee7

Place a few decorative pillows in the mix for an added style of coziness.

Girl in college inspired bedroom.


For a final touch, add pieces that will connect you to your bedroom space. Try personalizing it with items that make you feel at home. Your bedroom should represent who you are.

Now go and create your Instagram perfect layered bed. Tag @cstudiohome on Instagram to be featured!

Before and after bedding shot.


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