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Minimalism in Motherhood Inspired by Marie Kondo

Everyone is raving about Marie Kondo’s Netflix series “Tidying Up.” It made many of us want to grab a bag, fill it with all of our things, and throw it in the trash. Just kidding—but it did inspire us to do a serious cleanup of our homes.

While kids spark joy in our lives, they also bring clutter.

Among many other things, motherhood comes with mess. Discarded shoes, piles of laundry, toys everywhere—it can make you feel like you’re drowning.

The solution to this? Minimalism. There are many benefits of minimalism in motherhood—check out these tips to get started.

Little girl placing books in storage bin.

1. Involve the Kids

As much as we love our kids, they can make a mess.

To maximize the minimalistic lifestyle, we encourage you to get your kids involved.  Teach them to clean up after themselves.

Assign a designated area/storage space for your child(ren)’s things. Encourage them to identify whether they need or want items by using Marie Kondo’s “does it spark joy” approach.

For example, “Honey, does this spark joy like (for example, food, pet, movie, favorite cartoon etc) does?

Fewer toys and possessions will encourage imagination and foster independence.

It may be faster to clean up yourself, but allowing your 
child(ren) to be responsible and get involved will be worth it in the long run.

A tidy four tier shelf in living room.

2. Shelves Are Your Friend

When you become a mother, you give up a lot of things including maintaining a tidy home—sometimes you just get used to the clutter. 

However, shelves can offer a solution that is both fashionable and functional.  They are a great way to feature decor items while also providing storage space for toys and other miscellaneous items (aka more toys).

Just make sure those shelves are nailed to the wall and you’re good to go!

Coats, bags, and random items hung up on entry way wall hook.

3. Hang it up!

We can all agree that our floors and counter tops can sometimes look like they’ve been hit by a tornado, and it’s not always the kids who are to blame.

Bags, sweaters, scarves, keys, etc. can all contribute to the clutter.

Hang up some of your most used items and it will be a lot easier to find them when you are rushing out the door.

Toys can also be hung up—save yourself the agony of tripping over your kid’s blocks by storing them in a bag and hanging them up. 

A side view of a bed with three fluffy pillows.

4. Opt for a Minimalistic Bedroom

With all the visual noise (and actual ear-piercing-noise) in your life, it’s important for your bedroom to be your sanctuary and minimalism can help.

Do not over saturate your bedroom with loud patterns and bold colors. Instead, use one or two accent colors and spread them sporadically throughout your bedroom.

Stick to pastels and all white with a monochromatic touch. This effortlessly creates harmony, simplicity, and minimalism in your space. This change will promote peace of mind, clarity, and relieve stress.

Don’t forget to set those boundaries, NO KIDS ALLOWED (except for the morning snuggles of course).

A bed dressed in all white bedding with a cream throw pillow.

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle has a lot of benefits that go beyond the visual. It allows you to remain present and really focus on the joy of motherhood.

Minimalism in motherhood is about teaching your kids that less is more and having them understand the difference between wanting and needing.

It’s impossible to completely escape the mess in motherhood—but it is definitely a much easier load to carry with a minimalist approach.

Now, what are you waiting for? Which space will you be tackling first?

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Dorissa Dmoya

Dorissa D’Moya is a 26 year old stay at home mom to a very active two year old. When she’s not running around after her daughter, she is busy running her social media marketing agency, Call Me Social. On her down time she enjoys writing, a strong cup of coffee, and singing duets with her partner.



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