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Translate Your Personal Style to Your Bedroom Décor

Your personal style is what sets you apart and makes you feel comfortable so it’s understandable why you want your bedroom décor to follow suit. First step is to figure out how to bring your style to life. Follow these three tips to seamlessly translate your personal style into your bedroom décor.

Look Through Your Wardrobe for Inspiration

Women standing in wardrobe.

What colors, patterns, and textures outline your wardrobe? Identify your goto pieces and use them to build the foundation of your vision. 

How Do You Want Your Space to Feel? 

Cozy bed full of pilllows.

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At the end of a long day, your bedroom is the first place you think of retreating to, so put some thought into how you want to feel in your bedroom. If you’re naturally unorganized, you may need a space that makes you feel put together. This is an opportunity to consider your personal needs and use this awareness to create the perfect feel for your bedroom décor. 

Add A Surprise Element to Your Space

Bedroom with flowers on bed.

Photo: @girlandtheword

You are oneofakind. Really. I’m not trying to hype you or anything. It’s just a fact. Take time and think about what sets you apart from the crowd then add that surprise element into your space. If youre known for your fascination with flowers optin for a floral throw pillow and a vase of fresh flowers.

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