Why Go Organic?

Why go organic? The real question is why not. With the current focus on organic food and natural beauty products, doesn’t it make sense to extend that focus to your bedding and bath towels—the products you use the most at home?

Conventional cotton is tampered with from the start—collected with machines and washed with harmful chemicals. From there, the cotton is dyed with toxins to create different colors. On the other hand, organic cotton is handpicked by farmers, then washed and dyed using natural sources like hot water, soap made from vegetables, and clay.

Organic is good for the environment

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According to, the making of one t-shirt requires the use of 1/3 lbs. of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Can you imagine what is used to make a whole bed set? Choosing organic cotton eliminates those toxic chemicals—which not only prevents them from harming our planet, but also from entering our food supply through cottonseed oil. Organic cotton also benefits farmers by creating a safer work environment that is free of chemicals and pesticides. It’s a win/win!

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Organic is good for you

We spend a third of our lives in bed and use bath towels at least once a day. With this much cotton-to-skin contact on a daily basis, don’t you think ensuring the fabrics you use are naturally made and chemical free is important? If you have sensitive skin, you have even more reason to be picky with what you sleep on.

(Pictured: Cstudio Home Organic Down Comforter)

Organic is better quality

The pesticides and chemicals used in the making of conventional cotton weaken fibers, making for a thinner, less durable sheet or towel. The natural process organic cotton undergoes results in a softer, more breathable fabric—helping you be the coziest, most eco-friendly version of yourself. However, beware: when shopping organic, search for GOTS-certified products, to ensure they are truly organic and meet the Global Organic Textile Standard.







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