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Mom Burnout is REAL, But Don’t Worry There’s a Cure

Are you always exhausted? Forgetting to eat? Shower—what’s that? Do you feel irritable and impatient, and find yourself yelling at your kids? If so, you maybe suffering from mom burnout.

When even the smallest tasks (like brushing your teeth) seem overwhelming and you’re too tired to even take a shower—you’ve got mom burnout.

A little “me-time” is a quick fix, but not always easy to get. Let’s be real,motherhood is all about giving, giving, and giving until there’s nothing left for yourself. That is mom burnout, a huge gray cloud over what’s supposed to be the best time of your life, and when you’re in it, it’s really hard to get out of that funk.

So how do you avoid mom burnout?

1. Plan Your Days

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Life with kids can be chaotic and one way to combat that is to get organized.

As you lie in bed take 10 minutes, get on your phone, open up your notes, and start planning your day. Sometimes your mind is noisy, thinking about tomorrow’s worries and it just needs a place to land. You can jot down things like:

What will my morning look like?

Will I find the time to fit in exercise?

What should I make for lunch/dinner?

It doesn’t have to be too specific, and may be as simple as allocating time to take a breath, eat, or even use the bathroom (no, seriously)! You can even fantasize on what your perfect day will look like.

We say this cautiously though. This is not a schedule that you NEED to adhere to.See it as a guide, an outline, or a goal! Don’t sweat it if you don’t fulfill everything on your list.

2. Chores Can Wait

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If you feel that mom-burnout creeping in, just stop with the chores.

Is your kid happy?

Are they safe?

Are they fed?

Then you’re on the right track. Embrace the mess of motherhood—it’s a rite of passage. So what if the dishes pile up!

Heck, if you’re too tired to cook, then order some takeout! Listen mama, toss those toys aside and remember to stay present and to breathe. Your babies are only this little for so long.

3. Cut Back On the Coffee

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Coffee and being a Mom go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other, but trust us when we say this, too much of it can lead to mom burnout.

Moms are forever stressed! There’s kids, schedules, lack of sleep, chores, all while trying to maintain some sort of sanity throughout the day. 

Adding too much caffeine to an already stressed out body can cause adrenal fatigue.Your adrenal glands produce hormones, like cortisol (stress hormone). 

Too much coffee can overwork your glands, increasing stress levels. C’mon, you don’t want that. Instead, opt for a green tea in the mornings and chamomile before bed.

Shhhhh, the occasional wine is also fine—very fine.

4. Eat All Your Meals and Stay Hydrated

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I think all moms have had days when they forget to eat and drink water for hours on end. We usually end up eating whatever scraps our kids leave behind.Half-eaten cold waffle for lunch? Sure—with a side of cold coffee to wash it down, thanks.

We hear it all the time, make sure you are eating, drinking, exercising, blah blah, but it’s so HARD and sadly it contributes to mom burnout. So, keep snack shandy—granola bars, fresh fruit, and water bottles. Basically, anything that doesn’t require cooking. Your body will thank you.

5. Do Some Non-Mom Things

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Leaving the kids to do things for yourself is difficult, but so needed. Mom guilt creeps up even though you desperately need that me-time. Why is that? Two hours into your freedom and you’re already going through major FOMO.

Is my kid having fun without me?

YES,GIRL! So, call up a friend, go out to eat, go shopping, paint your nails or do your hair! I mean, the possibilities are endless. The point of all this is not just to look fabulous (although you should and totally deserve it), but it’s a great moment for self-preservation. It’s important to remember yourself before kids and get to know this new person you’ve become.

6. Spend Less Time On Social Media

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Being constantly bombarded by perfectly staged and pristine images from the #mommybloggercommunity can do more damage than good. Seriously where do they find the time to look THAT good and have a full on photo shoot?

It’s no good for your self-esteem, especially when you’re scrolling down your Instagram feed wearing the same pajamas for the last three days. That pressure on how a mom should look and act can take a toll on you.

Striving to meet this image, leads to mom burnout. Remember, those perfect images on Instagramare not real. You know what is real, though? Your sleep deprivation. Put down your phone!! Disconnect and rest up!

In conclusion, Mom burnout looks different for us all, whether you’re a stay-at-home or working mom. Motherhood can be challenging, but also rewarding when you find the right balance. The key is to recognize when you’re reaching the breaking point and taking the appropriate steps to prevent mom burnout before you end up collapsing on the living room floor.

How do you stay balanced, centered, and energized?



Dorissa Dmoya

Dorissa D’Moya is a 26 year old stay at home mom to a very active two year old. When she’s not running around after her daughter, she is busy running her social media marketing agency, Call Me Social. On her down time she enjoys writing, a strong cup of coffee, and singing duets with her partner.



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